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Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance – by Alex Hutchinson

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Life is a marathon, not a sprint. For most of us, at least. But how do we pace ourselves to go the distance, without falling into complacency along the way?

According to our author Alex Hutchinson, there’s a lot more to it than goal-setting and strategy.

Hutchinson set out to write a running manual, and ended up writing a manual for life. To be clear, this is still mostly centered around the science of athletic endurance, but covers the psychological factors as much as the physical… and notes how the capacity to endure is the key trait that underlies great performance in every field.

The writing style is both personal and personable, and parts read like a memoir (Hutchinson himself being a runner and sports journalist), while others are scientific in nature.

As for the science, the kind of science examined runs the gamut from case studies to clinical studies. We examine not just the science of physical endurance, but the science of psychological endurance too. We learn about such things as:

  • How perception of ease/difficulty plays its part
  • What factors make a difference to pain tolerance
  • How mental exhaustion affects physical performance
  • What environmental factors increase or lessen our endurance
  • …and many other elements that most people don’t consider

Bottom line: whether you want to run a marathon in under two hours, or just not quit after one minute forty seconds on the exercise bike, or to get through a full day’s activities while managing chronic pain, this book can help.

Click here to check out Endure, and find out what you are capable of when you move your limits!

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