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This concise book review provides a quick overview of "Brain Maker", a groundbreaking resource that explores the crucial role of gut microbes in healing and protecting our brains.

Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain for Life – by Dr. David Perlmutter

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Regular 10almonds readers probably know about the gut-brain connection already, so what’s new here?

Dr. David Perlmutter takes us on a tour of gut and brain health, specifically, the neuroprotective effect of healthy gut microbiota.

This seems unlikely! After all, vagus nerve or no, the gut microbiota are confined to the gut, and the brain is kept behind the blood-brain barrier. So how does one thing protect the other?

Dr. Perlmutter presents the relevant science, and the honest answer is, we’re not 100% sure how this happens! We do know part of it: that bad gut microbiota can result in a “leaky gut”, and that may in turn lead to such a thing as a “leaky brain”, where the blood-brain barrier has been compromised and some bad things can get in with the blood.

When it comes to gut-brain health…

Not only is the correlation very strong, but also, in tests where someone’s gut microbiota underwent a radical change, e.g. due to…

  • antibiotics (bad)
  • fasting (good)
  • or a change in diet (either way)

…their brain health changed accordingly—something we can’t easily check outside of a lab, but was pretty clear in those tests.

We’re also treated to an exposé on the links between gut health, brain health, inflammation, and dementia… Which links are extensive.

In closing, we’ll mention that throughout this book we’re also given many tips and advices to improve our gut/brain health, reverse damage done already, and set ourselves up well for the future.

Click here to check out “Brain Maker” on Amazon and take care of this important part of your health!

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