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A book titled "Seed Saving Secrets" by Alice Mirren is displayed on the left, with various seeds sorted in small paper packets. To the right, text reads "1-Minute Book Review" with an icon of 10 almonds at the bottom right corner—a must-read for preppers seeking expert gardening techniques.

Seed Saving Secrets – by Alice Mirren

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We all know that home-grown is best, and yet many of us are not exactly farmers (this reviewer tries with mixed results—hardy crops survive; others, not so much). While it’s easy to blame the acidic soil, the harsh climate, or not having enough time and money (this reviewer blames all of the above), the fact remains that a skilled gardener can produce a good crop in any conditions.

That’s where this book helps; right from the beginning, from the seeds. Have you ever bought a pack of seeds, excitedly sown them, and then had a germination rate of zero or something close to that (this reviewer has)?

Alice Mirren takes us on a tour of how to save seeds from plants you know are regionally viable (not the product of some vast globalized industry that doesn’t know you live in an ancient bog with a cold south-east wind blowing in from Siberia), and then how to care for and curate them, how to store them for future years, how to keep a self-perpetuating seed bank.

She goes beyond that, though. Regular 10almonds readers might remember about the supercentenarian “Blue Zones”, and how big factors in healthy longevity include community and purpose; Mirren advocates for organizing community seed banks, which will also mean that everyone (including you) has access to much more diverse seeds, and when it comes to the perils of natural selection, diversity means survival. Otherwise, if you have just one seed type, a single blight can wipe out everything pretty much overnight.

Bottom line: if you grow your own food or would like to, this is a “bible of…” level book that you absolutely should have to hand.

Click here to check out Seed Saving Secrets, and see the results in your kitchen and on your plate!

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