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A book review of "A One-Minute Life: A Guide to the Good Life" explores the concept of Stoic Joy and its impact on leading a fulfilling life.

A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy – by Dr. William Irvine

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“Living well” is a surprisingly underrated part of wellness. We spend much of our lives in turmoil. Some of us, windswept and battered by the storms of life; others, up in quietly crumbling towers, seemingly “great” but definitely not feeling it. Diet and exercise etc will only get us so far. What else, then, can we do?

For Dr. Irvine, the key lies in two main things:

  1. Deciding how we intend to live our life (and doing so)
  2. Remaining tranquil in the face of external stressors

In Japanese terms, these things can be seen in ikigai and zen, respectively. This book puts them in Western terms, specifically, that of Stoic philosophy. But the goals and methods are very similar.

Far from being an abstract tome of wishy-washy philosophy, this book offers down-to-earth practical exercises and easily applicable advice. There was even an exercise that was new to this reviewer who has been reading such things for decades.

The writing style is also, true to Stoic principles, unpretentious and simple. This is an easy book to read, while being nonethless very engaging from start to finish—and thereafter!

Bottom line: so far as we know, we only get one shot at life, so we might as well make it a good one. Applying the ideas found in this book can help any reader to live better, and take more joy in it along the way.

Click here to check out a Guide to the Good Life, and live your best!

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