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Stretching Mobility: A 1-Minute Book Review

Stretching & Mobility: An Essential Stretching Exercise Book For Flexibility & Mobility Training – by James Atkinson

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“I will stretch for just 10 minutes per day”, we think, and do our best. Then there are a plethora of videos saying “Stretching mistakes that you are making!” and it turns out we haven’t been doing them in a way that actually helps.

This book fixes that. Unlike some books of the genre, it’s not full of jargon and you won’t need an anatomy and physiology degree to understand it. It is, however, dense in terms of the information it gives—it’s not padded out at all; it contains a lot of value.

The stretches are all well-explained and well-illustrated; the cover art will give you an idea of the anatomical illustration style contained with in.

Atkinson also gives workout plans, so that we know we’re not over- or under-training or trying to do too much or missing important things out.

Bottom line: if you’re looking to start a New Year routine to develop better suppleness, this book is a great primer for that.

Click here to check out Stretching and Mobility, and improve yours!

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