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A book review with zero sugar touches on healthy living and weight loss.

Zero Sugar / One Month: Reduce Cravings, Reset Metabolism, Lose Weight, & Lower Blood Sugar – by Becky Gillaspy

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We’ve reviewed books about the evils of sugar before, so what makes this one different?

This one has a focus on helping the reader quit it. It assumes we already know the evils of sugar (though it does cover that too).

It looks at the mechanisms of sugar addiction (habits-based and physiological), and how to safely and painlessly cut through those to come out the other side, free from sugar.

The author gives a day-by-day plan, for not only eliminating sugar, but also adding and including things to fill the gap it leaves, keeping us sated, energized, and happy along the way.

In the category of subjective criticism, it does also assume we want to lose weight, which may not be the case for many readers. But that’s a by-the-by and doesn’t detract from the useful guide to quitting sugar, whatever one’s reasons.

Bottom line: if you would like to quit sugar but find it hard, this book thinks of everything and walks you by the hand, making it easy.

Click here to check out Zero Sugar / One Month, and reap the health benefits!

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