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Gut microbiota's role in osteoporosis.

Is Your Gut Leading You Into Osteoporosis?

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Bacterioides Vulgatus & Bone Health

We’ve talked before about the importance of gut health:

And we’ve shared quite some information and resources on osteoporosis:

How the two are connected

A recent study looked at Bacterioides vulgatus, a very common gut bacterium, and found that it suppresses the gut’s production of valeric acid, a short-chain fatty acid that enhances bone density:

❝For the study, researchers analyzed the gut bacteria of more than 500 peri- and post-menopausal women in China and further confirmed the link between B. vulgatus and a loss of bone density in a smaller cohort of non-Hispanic White women in the United States.❞

Pop-sci source: Does gut bacteria cause osteoporosis?

The study didn’t stop there, though. They proceeded to test, with a rodent model, the effect of giving them either:

  • more B. vulgatus, or
  • valeric acid supplements

The results of this were as expected:

  • Those who were given more B. vulgatus got worse bone microstructure
  • Those who were given valeric acid supplements got stronger bones overall

Study source: Gut microbiota impacts bone via Bacteroides vulgatus-valeric acid-related pathways

Where can I get valeric acid?

We couldn’t find a handy supplement for this, but it is in many foods, including avocados, blueberries, cocoa beans, and an assortment of birds.

Click here to see a more extensive food list (you’ll need to scroll down a little)

Bonus: if you happen to be on HRT in the form of Estradiol valerate (e.g: Progynova), then that “valerate” is an ester of valeric acid, that your body can metabolize and use as such.


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