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Bertrand Russell's Conquest of Happiness book review.

The Conquest of Happiness – by Bertrand Russell

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When we have all our physical needs taken care of, why are we often still not happy, and what can we do about that?

Mathematician, philosopher, and Nobel prizewinner Bertrand Russell has answers. And, unlike many of “the great philosophers”, his writing style is very clear and accessible.

His ideas are simple and practical, yet practised by few. Rather than taking a “be happy with whatever you have” approach, he does argue that we should strive to find more happiness in some areas and ways—and lays out guidelines for doing so.

Areas to expand, areas to pull back on, areas to walk a “virtuous mean”. Things to be optimistic about; things to not get our hopes up about.

Applying Russell’s model, there’s no more “should I…?” moments of wondering which way to jump.

Bottom line: if you’ve heard enough about “how to be happy” from wishy-washier sources, you might find the work of this famous logician refreshing.

Click here to check out The Conquest of Happiness, and see how much happier you might become!

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