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Book Review: Enhancing Desire and Achieving Better Sex through Mindfulness

Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire – by Dr. Lori Brotto

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Female sexuality is such a taboo topic that, if one searches for (ob/gyn professor, women’s health research director, and psychologist) Dr. Brotto’s book on Google or Amazon, it suggests only “lori brotto mindfulness book”. So, for those brave enough to read a book that would have shocked Victorians, what does this one contain?

The focus is on, as the title suggests, better sex, by and for women. That said, it’s mostly because typically women are more likely to experience the problems described in the book; it’s nothing actually intrinsic to womanhood. A man with the same problems could read this book and benefit just the same.

While the book covers many possible problems between the sheets, the overarching theme is problems of the mind, such as:

  • Not getting into the mood in the first place
  • Losing the mood quickly and easily, such as by becoming distracted
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm even when mechanically everything’s delightful
  • Physical discomfort creating a barrier to enjoyment

…and yes, that last one is in part mind-stuff too! Though Dr. Brotto isn’t arguing that mindfulness is a panacea, just an incredibly useful tool. And, it’s one she not only explains very well, but also explains from the position of a wealth of scientific evidence… Enough so, that we see a one-star Amazon reviewer from Canada complained that it was too well-referenced! For us, though, it’s what we like to see.

Good science, presented clearly and usefully, giving practical tips that improve people’s lives.

Bottom line: if you’ve ever lost the mood because you got distracted into thinking about taxes or that meeting on Tuesday, this is the book for you.

Click here to check out Better Sex Through Mindfulness—you can thank us later!

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