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Let’s Bust Some Myths!

It’s too late after puberty, hormones won’t change xyz

While yes, many adult trans people dearly wish they’d been able to medically transition before going through the “wrong” puberty, the truth is that a lot of changes will still occur later… even to “unchangeable” things like the skeleton.

The body is remaking itself throughout life, and hormones tell it how to do that. Some parts are just quicker or slower than others. Also: the skeleton is pulled-on constantly by our muscles, and in a battle of muscle vs bone, muscle will always win over time.

Examples of this include:

  • trans men building bigger bones to support their bigger muscles
  • trans women getting smaller, with wider hips and a pelvic tilt

Trans people have sporting advantages

Assuming at least a year’s cross-sex hormonal treatment, there is no useful advantage to being trans when engaging in a sport. There are small advantages and disadvantages (which goes for any person’s body, really). For example:

  • Trans women will tend to be taller than cis women on average…
    • …but that larger frame is now being powered by smaller muscles, because they shrink much quicker than the skeleton.
  • Trans men taking T are the only athletes allowed to take testosterone…
    • …but they will still often be smaller than their fellow male competitors, for example.

Read: Do Trans Women Athletes Have Advantages? (A rather balanced expert overview, which does also cover trans men)

There’s a trans population explosion; it’s a social contagion epidemic!

Source for figures: The Overall Rate Of Left-Handedness (Researchgate)

Left-handed people used to make up around 3% of the population… Until the 1920s, when that figure jumped sharply upwards, before plateauing at around 12% in around 1960, where it’s stayed since. What happened?! Simple, schools stopped forcing children to use their right hand.

Today, people ask for trans healthcare because they know it exists! Decades ago, it wasn’t such common knowledge.

The same explanation can be applied to other “population explosions” such as for autism and ADHD.

Fun fact: Mt. Everest was “discovered” in 1852, but scientists suspect it probably existed long before then! People whose ancestors were living on it long before 1852 also agree. Sometimes something exists for a long time, and only comes to wider public awareness later.

Transgender healthcare is too readily available, especially to children!

To believe some press outlets, you’d think:

  • HRT is available from school vending machines,
  • kids can get a walk-in top surgery at recess,
  • and there’s an after-school sterilization club.

In reality, while availability varies from place to place, trans healthcare is heavily gatekept. Even adults have trouble getting it, often having to wait years and/or pay large sums of money… and get permission from a flock of doctors, psychologists, and the like. For those under the age of 18, it’s almost impossible in many places, even with parental support.

Puberty-blockers shouldn’t be given to teenagers, as the effects are irreversible

Quick question: who do you think should be given puberty-blockers? For whom do you think they were developed? Not adults, for sure! They were not developed for trans teens either, but for cis pre-teens with precocious puberty, to keep puberty at bay, to do it correctly later. Nobody argues they’re unsafe for much younger cis children, and only object when it’s trans teens.

They’re not only safe and reversible, but also self-reversing. Stop taking them, and the normally scheduled puberty promptly ensues by itself. For trans kids, the desired effect is to buy the kid time to make an informed and well-considered decision. After all, the effects of the wrong puberty are really difficult to undo!

A lot of people rush medical transition and regret it!

Trans people wish it could be rushed! It’s a lot harder to get gender-affirming care as a trans person, than it is to get the same (or comparable) care as a cis person. Yes, cis people get gender-affirming care, from hormones to surgeries, and have done for a long time.

As for regret… Medical transition has around a 1% regret rate. For comparison, hip replacement has a 4.8% regret rate and knee replacement has a 17.1% regret rate.

A medical procedure with a 99% success rate would generally be considered a miracle cure!

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