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The 5 Resets: Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience – by Dr. Aditi Nerurkar

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What this book isn’t: an advice to go on a relaxing meditation retreat, or something like that.

What this is: a science-based guide to what actually works.

There’s no need to be mysterious, so we’ll mention that the titular “5 resets” are:

  1. What matters most
  2. Quiet in a noisy world
  3. Leveraging the brain-body connection
  4. Coming up for air (regaining perspective)
  5. Bringing your best self forward

All of these are things we can easily lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of daily life, so having a system for keeping them on track can make a huge difference!

The style is personable and accessible, while providing a lot of strongly science-backed tips and tricks along the way.

Bottom line: if life gets away from you a little too often for comfort, this book can help you keep on top of things with a lot less stress.

Click here to check out “The 5 Resets”, and take control with conscious calm!

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