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Building & Maintaining Mobility

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Building & Maintaining Mobility!

This is Juliet Starrett. She’s a CrossFit co-founder, and two-time white-water rafting world champion. Oh, and she won those after battling thyroid cancer. She’s now 50 years old, and still going strong, having put aside her career as a lawyer to focus on fitness. Specifically, mobility training.

The Ready State

Together with her husband Kelly, Starrett co-founded The Ready State, of which she’s CEO.

It used to be called “Mobility WOD” (the “WOD” stands for “workout of the day”) but they changed their name as other companies took up the use of the word “mobility”, something the fitness world hadn’t previously focussed on much, and “WOD”, which was also hardly copyrightable.

True to its origins, The Ready State continues to offer many resources for building and maintaining mobility.

Why the focus on mobility?

When was the last time you had to bench-press anything larger than a small child? Or squat more than your partner’s bodyweight? Or do a “farmer’s walk” with anything heavier than your groceries?

For most of us, unless our lifestyles are quite extreme, we don’t need ridiculous strength (fun as that may be).

You know what makes a huge difference to our quality of life though? Mobility.

Have you ever felt that moment of panic when you reach for something on a high shelf and your shoulder or back twinges (been there!)? Or worse, you actually hurt yourself and the next thing you know, you need help putting your socks on (been there, too!)?

And we say to ourselves “I’m not going to let that happen to me again”

But how? How do we keep our mobility strong?

First, know your weaknesses

Starrett is a big fan of mobility tests to pinpoint areas that need more work.

Most of her resources for this aren’t free, and we’re drawing heavily from her book here, so for your convenience, we’ll link to some third party sources for this:

Next, eliminate those weaknesses

Do mobility exercises in any weak areas, until they’re not weak:

Want to train the full body in one session?

Try out The Ready State’s 10-Minute Morning Mobility Routine

Want to learn more?

You might enjoy her book that we reviewed previously:

Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully

You might also enjoy The Ready State App, available for iOS and for Android:

The Ready State Virtual Mobility Coach


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