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Stop self-sabotage book review: A comprehensive guide to overcoming self-sabotage and harnessing willpower for lasting motivation.

Stop Self-Sabotage – by Dr. Judy Ho

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A lot of books of this genre identify one particular kind of self-sabotage, for example, they might pick one out of:

  • Bad habits
  • Limiting self-beliefs
  • Poor goal-setting
  • Procrastination

…etc, slap a quick fix on whatever they chose to focus on, and call it a day. Not so with Dr. Ho!

Here we have a much more comprehensive approach to tackling the problem of unintentional self-sabotage. With a multi-vector method, of which all angles can be improved simultaneously, it becomes much less like “whack-a-mole”… And much more like everything actually getting into order and staying that way.

The main approach here is CBT, but far beyond what most pop-psychology CBT books go for, with more techniques and resources.

On which note…

There are many great exercises that Dr. Ho recommends we do while reading… So you might want to get a nice notebook alongside this book if you don’t already have one! And what is more inspiring of optimism than a new notebook?

Bottom line: this is a great, well-organized guide to pruning the “why am I still doing this to myself?” aspects out of your life for a much more intentional, purposeful, effective way of living.

Click here to check it out on Amazon today, and stop sabotaging yourself!

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