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1 minute nature walk book review.

Walk Yourself Happy: Find your path to health and healing in nature – by Dr. Julia Bradbury

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Notwithstanding her (honorary) doctorate, Dr. Bradbury is not, in fact, a scientist. But…

  • She has a lot of experience walking all around the world, and her walking habit has seen her through all manner of things, from stress and anxiety to cancer and grief and more.
  • She does, throughout this book, consult many scientists and other experts (indeed, some we’ve featured here before at 10almonds), so we still get quite a dose of science too.

The writing style of this book is… Compelling. Honestly, the biggest initial barrier to you getting out of the door will be putting this book down first.If you have good self-discipline, you might make it last longer by treating yourself to a chapter per day 😉

Bottom line: you probably don’t need this book to know how to go for a walk, but it will motivate, inspire, and even inform you of how to get the most out of it. Treat yourself!

Click here to check out Walk Yourself Happy, and prepare for a new healthy habit!

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