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Natto, black pepper, and tahini provide a unique flavor combination in this dish.

Natto, Taurine + Black Pepper, And Other Game-Changers

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❝Loved the info on nuts; of course I always eat pecans, which didn’t make the list of healthy nuts!❞

Dear subscriber, pardon the paraphrase of your comment—somehow it got deleted and now exists only in this writer’s memory. However, to address it:

Pecans are great too! We can’t include everything in every article (indeed, we got another feedback the same day saying the article was too long), but we love when you come to us with stuff for us to look at and write about (seriously, writer here: the more you ask, the easier it makes my job), so let’s talk pecans for a moment:

Pecans would have been number six on our list if we’d have written more!

Like many nuts, they’ve an abundance of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

They’re particularly good for zinc, which is vital for immune function, healing (including normal recovery after normal exercise), and DNA synthesis (so: anti-aging).

Pecans are also great for reducing LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and triglycerides (which are also bad for heart health); check it out:

Pecan-Enriched Diets Alter Cholesterol Profiles and Triglycerides in Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease in a Randomized, Controlled Trial

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