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This article focuses on the effective techniques to lose waist circumference and shrink visceral belly fat.

Visceral Belly Fat & How To Lose It

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Visceral Belly Fat & How To Lose It

We’ve talked before about how waist circumference is a much more useful indicator of metabolic health than BMI.

So, let’s say you’ve a bit more around the middle than you’d like, but it stubbornly stays there. What’s going on underneath what you can see, why is it going on, and how can you get it to change?

What is visceral fat?

First, let’s talk about subcutaneous fat. That’s the fat directly under your skin. Women usually have more than men, and that’s perfectly healthy (up to a point); it’s supposed to be that way. We (women) will tend to accumulate this mostly in places such as our breasts, hips, and butt, and work outwards from there. Men will tend to put it on more to the belly and face.

Side-note: if you’re undergoing (untreated) menopause, the changes in your hormone levels will tend to result in more subcutaneous fat to the belly and face too. That’s normal, and/but normal is not always good, and treatment options are great (with hormone replacement therapy, HRT, topping the list).

Visceral fat (also called visceral adipose tissue), on the other hand, is the fat of the viscera—the internal organs of the abdomen.

So, this is fat that goes under your abdominal muscles—you can’t squeeze this (directly).

So what can we do?

Famously “you can’t do spot reduction” (lose fat from a particular part of your body by focusing exercises on that area), but that’s about subcutaneous fat. There are things you can do that will reduce your visceral fat in particular.

Some of these advices you may think “that’s just good advice for losing fat in general” and it is, yes. But these are things that have the biggest impact on visceral fat.

Cut alcohol use

This is the biggie. By numerous mechanisms, some of which we’ve talked about before, alcohol causes weight gain in general yes, but especially for visceral fat.

Get better sleep

You might think that hitting the gym is most important, but this one ranks higher. Yes, you can trim visceral fat without leaving your bed (and even without getting athletic in bed, for that matter). Not convinced?

So, the verdict is clear: you snooze, you lose (visceral fat)!

Tweak your diet

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul (unless you want to), but a few changes can make a big difference, especially:

If you’d like to learn more and enjoy videos, here’s an informative one to get you going!


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