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1-minute Japanese Ikigai book review.

Awakening Your Ikigai: How the Japanese Wake Up to Joy and Purpose Every Day – by Dr. Ken Mogi

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It’s been well-established in supercentenarian studies that one of the key factors beyond diet or exercise or suchlike (important as those things definitely are), is having a purpose to one’s life.

Neuroscientist Dr. Ken Mogi explains in this very easy-to-read book, how we can bring ikigai into our lives.

From noticing the details of the small things in life, to reorienting one’s life around what’s most truly most important to us, Dr. Mogi gives us not just a “this is ikigai” exposé, but rather, a practical and readily applicable how-to guide.

Bottom line: if you’ve so far been putting off ikigai as “I’ll get to that”, the time to start is today.

Click here to check out Awakening Your Ikigai, and actually awaken yours!

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