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1 minute pain-free mindset book review for Taking Control and chronic pain.

The Pain-Free Mindset: 7 Steps to Taking Control and Overcoming Chronic Pain – by Dr. Deepak Ravindran

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First: please ignore the terrible title. This is not the medical equivalent of “think and grow rich”. A better title would have been something like “The Pain-Free Plan”.

Attentive subscribers may notice that this author was our featured expert yesterday, so you can learn about his “seven steps” described in our article there, without us repeating that in our review here.

This book’s greatest strength is also potentially its greatest weakness, depending on the reader: it contains a lot of detailed medical information.

This is good or bad depending on whether you like lots of detailed medical information. Dr. Ravindran doesn’t assume prior knowledge, so everything is explained as we go. However, this means that after his well-referenced clinical explanations, high quality medical diagrams, etc, you may come out of this book feeling like you’ve just done a semester at medical school.

Knowledge is power, though, so understanding the underlying processes of pain and pain management really does help the reader become a more informed expert on your own pain—and options for reducing that pain.

Bottom line: this, disguised by its cover as a “think healing thoughts” book, is actually a science-centric, information-dense, well-sourced, comprehensive guide to pain management from one of the leading lights in the field.

Click here to check out The Pain-Free Mindset, and manage yours more comfortably!

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