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This book review explores the myth surrounding cholesterol and its connection to heart disease. It delves into a Statin-Free Plan, providing insights on managing cholesterol levels without medication.

The Great Cholesterol Myth, Revised and Expanded – by Dr. Jonny Bowden and Dr. Stephen Sinatra

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The topic of cholesterol, and saturated fat for that matter, is a complex and often controversial one. How does this book treat it?

With strong opinions, is how—but backed by good science. The authors, a nutritionist and a cardiologist, pull no punches about outdated and/or cherry-picked science, and instead make the case for looking at what, statistically speaking, appear to be the real strongest risk factors.

So, are they advocating for Dave Asprey-style butter-guzzling, or “the carnivore diet”? No, no they are not. Those things remain unhealthy, even if they give some short-term gains (of energy levels, weight loss, etc).

They do advocate, however, for enjoying saturated fats in moderation, and instead of certain polyunsaturated seed oils that do far worse. They also advocate strongly for avoiding sugar, stress, and (for different reasons) statins (in most people’s cases).

They also demystify in clear terms, and often with diagrams and infographics, the various kinds of fats and their components, broken down in far more detail than any other pop-science source this reviewer has seen.

Bottom line: if you want to take a scientific approach to heart health, this book can help you to focus on what will actually make the biggest difference.

Click here to check out The Great Cholesterol Myth, and learn about the greater dangers that it hides!

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