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A book cover showcasing a knot, symbolizing the Art of Letting Go or Emotional Freedom.

The Art Of Letting Go: Stop Overthinking, Stop Negative Spirals, And Find Emotional Freedom – by Nick Trenton

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You may be wondering: is this a basic CBT book? And, for the most part, no, it’s not.

It does touch on some of the time-tested CBT techniques, but a large part of the book is about reframing things in a different way, that’s a little more DBT-ish, and even straying into BA. But enough of the initialisms, let’s give an example:

It can be scary to let go of the past, or of present or future possibilities (bad ones as well as good!). However, it’s hard to consciously do something negative (same principle as “don’t think of a pink elephant”), so instead, look at it as taking hold of the present/future—and thus finding comfort and security in a new reality rather than an old memory or a never-actual imagining.

So, this book has a lot of ideas like that, and if even one of them helps, then it was worth reading.

The writing style is comprehensive, and goes for the “tell them what you’re gonna tell them; tell them; then tell them what you told them” approach, which a) is considered good for learning b) can feel a little like padding nonetheless.

Bottom line: this reviewer didn’t personally love the style, but the content made up for it.

Click here to check out The Art Of Letting Go, and let go!

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