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Peter Hollins' book review of "Finish What You Start

Finish What You Start – by Peter Hollins

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For some people, getting started is the problem. For others of us, getting started is the easy part! We just need a little help not dropping things we started.

There are summaries at the starts and ends of sections, and many “quick tips” to get you back on track.

As a taster: one of these is “temptation bundling“, combining unpleasant things with pleasant. A kind of “spoonful of sugar” approach.

Hollins also discusses hyperbolic discounting (the way we tend to value rewards according to how near they are, and procrastinate accordingly). He offers a tool to overcome this, too, the “10–10–10 rule“.

Also dealt with is “the preparation trap“, and how to know when you have enough information to press on.

For a lot of us, the places we’re most likely to drop a project is 20% in (initial enthusiasm wore off) or 80% in (“it’s nearly done; no need to worry about it”). Those are the times when the advices in this book can be particularly handy!

All in all, a great book for seeing a lot of things to completion.

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