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Revive and Maintain Metabolism

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❝How to jump start a inactive metabolism and keep it going? THANKYOU❞

The good news is, if you’re alive, your metabolism is active (it never stops!). So, it may just need perking up a little.

As for keeping it going, well, that’s what we’re here for! We’re all in favor of healthy longevity.

We’ll do a main feature soon on what we can do to influence our metabolism in either direction, but to give some quick notes here:

  • A lot of our metabolism is influenced by genes and is unalterable (without modifying our genes, anyway)
  • Metabolism isn’t just one thing—it’s many. And sometimes, parts of our metabolism can be much quicker or slower than others.
  • When people talk about wanting a “faster metabolism”, they’re usually referring to fat-burning, and that’s just a small part of the picture, but we understand that it’s a focal point for many.

There really is enough material for a whole main feature on metabolic tweaks, though, so watch this space!

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