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Energy drinks: answers or questions?

Energy Drinks: Friends or Foe?

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You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Q: Energy drinks for biohacking, yea or nay?

A: This is definitely one of those “the dose makes the poison” things!

But… The generally agreed safe dose of taurine is around 3g/day for most people; a standard Red Bull contains 1g.

That math would be simple, but… if you eat meat (including poultry or fish), that can also contain 10–950mg per 100g. For example, tuna is at the high end of that scale, with a standard 12oz (340g) tin already containing up to 3.23g of taurine!

And sweetened carbonated beverages in general have so many health issues that it’d take us a full article to cover them.

Short version? Enjoy in moderation if you must, but there are definitely better ways of getting the benefits they may offer.

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