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Cartoon image with a light green background. On the left, a happy white potato character with leaves on its head. On the right, a smiling sweet potato carrot character with leaves. "THIS OR THAT?" text at the top and "VS" in the center below the characters. Which is healthier?

White Potato vs Sweet Potato – Which is Healthier?

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Our Verdict

When comparing white potatoes to sweet potatoes, we picked the sweet potatoes.


In terms of macros, sweet potatoes are a little lighter on carbs and calories, though in the case of sugar and fiber, sweet potato has a few grams more of each, per potato. However, when an average sweet potato’s 7g of sugar are held against its 4g of fiber, this (much like with fruit!) not a sugar you need to avoid.

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The glycemic index of a sweet potato is also lower than that of a white potato, so the sugars it does have are slower-release.

Sweet potatoes famously are good sources of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which important nutrients white potatoes cannot boast.

Both plants are equally good sources of potassium and vitamin C.


Both are good sources of many nutrients, and any nutritional health-hazards associated with them come with the preparation (for example, frying introduces unhealthy fats, and mashing makes the glycemic index skyrocket, and cooking with salt increases the salt content).

Baking either is great (consider stuffing them with delicious well-seasoned beans and/or tomatoes; if you make it yourself, pesto can be a great option too, as can cheese if you’re so-inclined and judicious with choice and quantity) and preserves almost all of their nutrients. Remember that nearly 100% of the fiber is in the skin, so you do want to eat that.

The deciding factor is: sweet potatoes are good sources of a couple more valuable nutrients that white potatoes aren’t, and come out as the overall healthiest for that reason.


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