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Darwin’s Bed Rest: Worthwhile Idea?

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❝I recall that Charles Darwin (of Evolution fame) used to spend a day a month in bed in order to maintain his physical and psychological equilibrium. Do you see merit in the idea?❞

Well, it certainly sounds wonderful! Granted, it may depend on what you do in bed :p

Descartes did a lot of his work from bed (and also a surprising amount of it while hiding in an oven, but that’s another story), which was probably not so good for the health.

As for Darwin, his health was terrible in quite a lot of ways, so he may not be a great model.

However! Certainly taking a break is well-established as an important and healthful practice:

How To Rest More Efficiently (Yes, Really)

❝I don’t like to admit it but I am getting old. Recently, I had my first “fall” (ominous word!) I was walking across some wet decking and, before I knew what had happened, my feet were shooting forwards, and I crashed to the ground. Luckily I wasn’t seriously damaged. But I was wondering whether you can give us some advice about how best to fall. Maybe there are some good videos on the subject? I would like to be able to practice falling so that it doesn’t come as such a shock when it happens!❞

This writer has totally done the same! You might like our recent main feature on the topic:

Fall Special

…if you’ll pardon the pun 😉


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