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Blood and Water

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Q&A with the 10almonds Team

Q: I really loved the information about macular degeneration! I was wondering if you have any other advice about looking after eye health?

A: We may well do a full feature on it sometime! Meanwhile, some top tips include:

  • Eat your greens (as you know from this last Tuesday’s edition of 10almonds)!
  • Exercise! Generally. We’re not talking about eye exercises here, we’re talking about exercises that will support:
    • Healthy heart rate
    • Healthy blood pressure
    • Healthy blood oxygenation
    • Healthy blood sugar levels
    • Healthy blood flow in general (so keep hydrated too! There’s a reason phlebotomists ask you to be well-hydrated before they take blood)

Eye health is a good indicator for a lot of other things, and that’s because whether or not the eyes are the window to your soul, they’re definitely the window to what your blood’s like, and that affects (and is affected by) so many other things.

  • On that note, don’t smoke!
  • Protect your eyes physically, too. This means:
    • UV-blocking sunglasses when appropriate
    • Protective eye-wear when appropriate

You think safety glasses are for laboratories and construction sites, then you go and do comparable tasks in your home? Your eyes are just as damageable in your kitchen or garden as they would be in a lab or workshop.

Some bits and bobs that can help:

  • Safety sunglasses! Because a thing can do two jobs (useful in the garden now the days are brightening up!)
  • Pulse oximeter! Check your own heart rate, pulse strength, and blood oxygenation at home!
  • Blood pressure monitor! Because it’s so important for a lot of things and you really should have one.

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