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Eat To Beat Chronic Fatigue!

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How To Eat To Beat Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is on the rise, and it can make life a living Hell. Days blur into one, and you try to take each day as it comes, but sometimes several days gang up on you at once.

You probably know some lifestyle changes that might help—if only you had the energy to implement them.

You’d like to eat well, but you need to…

  1. Buy the fresh produce (and take a little rest after)
  2. Put the groceries away (and take a little rest after)
  3. Wash the vegetables (and take a little rest after)
  4. Chop the things as necessary (and take a little rest after)
  5. Cook dinner (and take a little rest after)

…and now you’re too exhausted to eat it.

So, what can be done?

First, avoid things that cause inflammation, as this is a major contributor to chronic fatigue. You might like our previous main feature:

Keep Inflammation At Bay!

Next up, really do stay hydrated. It’s less about quantity, and more about ubiquity. Hydrate often.

Best is if you always have some (hydrating) drink on the go.

Do experiment with your diet, and/but keep a food journal of what you eat and how you feel 30–60 minutes after eating it. Only make one change at a time, otherwise you won’t know which change made the difference.

Notice what patterns emerge over time, and adjust your ingredients accordingly.

Limit your caffeine intake. We know that sometimes it seems like the only way to get through the day, but you will always crash later, because it was only ever taxing your adrenal system (thus: making you more tired in the long run) and pulling the wool over the eyes of your adenosine receptors (blocking you from feeling how tired you are, but not actually reducing your body’s tiredness).

Put simply, caffeine is the “payday loan” of energy.

Eat more non-starchy vegetables, and enjoy healthy fats. Those healthy fats can come from nuts and seeds, avocado, or fish (not fried, though!).

The non-starchy vegetables will boost your vitamins and fiber while being easy on your beleaguered metabolism, while the healthy fats will perk up your energy levels without spiking insulin like sugars would.

Pay the fatigue tax up front. What this means is… Instead of throwing away vegetables that didn’t get used because it would take too much effort and you just need an easier dinner today, buy ready-chopped vegetables, for example.

And if you buy vegetables frozen, they’re also often not only cheaper, but also (counterintuitively) contain more nutrients.

A note of distinction:

Many more people have chronic fatigue (the symptom: being exhausted all the time) than have chronic fatigue syndrome (the illness: myalgic encephalomyelitis).

This is because fatigue can be a symptom of many, many other conditions, and can be heavily influenced by lifestyle factors too.

A lot of the advice for dealing with chronic fatigue is often the same in both cases, but some will be different, because for example:

  • If your fatigue is from some other condition, that condition probably impacts what lifestyle factors you are (and are not) able to change, too
  • If your fatigue is from lifestyle factors, that hopefully means you can change those and enjoy less fatigue…
    • But if it’s not from lifestyle factors, as in ME/CFS, then advice to “exercise more” etc is not going to help so much.

There are ways to know the difference though:

Check out: Do You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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