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Delve into the world of cognitive power with this surprising science book review that will provide you with brain food in just 1 minute.

Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power – by Dr. Lisa Mosconi

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We know that we should eat for brain health, but often that knowledge doesn’t go a lot further than “we should eat some nuts… but also not the wrong nuts, which would be bad”.

However, as Dr. Lisa Mosconi lays out for us, there’s a lot more than that!

This book is as much a treatise of brain health in the context of nutrition, as it is a “eat this and avoid that” guide.

Which is good, because our brains don’t exist in isolation, and nor do the nutrients that we consume. Put it this way:

We have a tendecy to think of our diets as a set of slider-bars, “ok, that’s 104% of my daily intake of fiber, I need another 10g protein and that’ll be at 100%, I’ve had 80% of the vitamin C that I need, and…”

Whereas in reality: much of what we eat interacts positively or negatively with other things, and thus needs to be kept in balance. And not only that, but other peri-nutritional factors play a big part too! From obvious things like hydration, to less obvious things like maintaining good gut microbiota, our brains rely on us to do a lot of things for them.

This book is very easy-reading, though a weakness is it doesn’t tend to summarise key ideas much, give cheat-sheets, that sort of thing. We recommend reading this book with a notebook to the side, to jot down things you want to attend to in your own dietary habits.

Bottom line: this is an excellent overview of brain health in the context of nutrition, and is more comprehensive than most “eat this for good brain health and avoid that” books.

Click here to check out “Brain Food” on Amazon and treat your brain like it deserves!

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