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Once a week strategy book review by Brad Meir.

Once-A-Week Strategy to Stop Procrastination – by Brad Meir

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Procrastination is perhaps the most frustrating bad habit to kick!

We know we should do the things. We know why we should do the things. We want to do the things. We’re afraid of what will happen if we don’t do the things. And then we… don’t do the things? What is going on?!

Brad Meir has answers, and—what a relief—solutions. But enough about him, because first he wants to focus a little on you:

Why do you procrastinate? No, you’re probably not “just lazy”, and he’ll guide you through figuring out what it is that makes you procrastinate. There’s an exploration of various emotions here, as well as working out: what type of procrastinator are you?

Then, per what you figured out with his guidance, exercises, and tests, it’s time for an action plan.

But, importantly: one you can actually do, because it won’t fall foul of the problems you’ve been encountering so far. The exact mechanism you’ll use may vary a bit based on you, but some tools here are good for everyone—as well as an outline of the mistakes you could easily make, and how to avoid falling into those traps. And, last but very definitely not least, his “once a week plan”, per the title.

All in all, a highly recommendable and potentially life-changing book.

Grab Your Copy of “Once-A-Week Strategy to Stop Procrastination” NOW (don’t put it off! 😛)

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