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Cutting-edge program to beat sugar addiction now - book review.
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Beat Sugar Addiction Now! – by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum & Chrystle Fiedler

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Sugar isn’t often thought of as an addiction in the same category as alcohol or nicotine, but it’s actually very similar in some ways…

A bold claim, but: in each case, it has to do with dopamine responses to something that has:

  • an adverse effect on our health,
  • a quickly developed tolerance to same,
  • and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when quitting.

However, not all sugar addictions are created equal, and Dr. Teitelbaum lays four different types of sugar addiction out for us:

  1. Most related to “I need to perform and I need to perform now”
  2. Most related to “I just need something to get me through one more stressful day, again, just like every day before it”
  3. Most related to “ate too much sugar because of the above, and now a gut overgrowth of C. albicans is at the wheel”
  4. Most related to “ate too much sugar because of the above, and now insulin resistance is a problem that perpetuates itself too”

Of course, these may overlap, and indeed, they tend to stack cumulatively as time goes by.

However, Dr. Teitelbaum notes that as readers we may recognize ourselves as being at a particular point in the above, and there are different advices for each of them.

You thought it was just going to be about going cold turkey? Nope!

Instead, a multi-vector approach is recommended, including adjustments to sleep, nutrition, immune health, hormonal health, and more.

In short: if you’ve been trying to to kick the “White Death” habit as Gloria Swanson called it (sugar, that is, not the WW2 Finnish sniper of the same name—we can’t help you with that one), then this book is really much more helpful than others that take the “well, just don’t eat it, then” approach!

Pick up your copy of Beat Sugar Addiction Now from Amazon, and start your journey!

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