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Glucose Goddess provides a swift and concise 1-minute review of the Cutting Cravings 4-Week Guide.

The Glucose Goddess Method – by Jessie Inchausspé

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We’ve previously reviewed Inchausspé’s excellent book “Glucose Revolution”. So what does this book add?

This book is for those who found that book a little dense. While this one still gives the same ten “hacks”, she focuses on the four that have the biggest effect, and walks the reader by the hand through a four-week programme of implementing them.

The claim of 100+ recipes is a little bold, as some of the recipes are things like vinegar, vinegar+water, vinegar+water but now we’re it’s in a restaurant, lemon+water, lemon+water but now it’s in a bottle, etc. However, there are legitimately a lot of actual recipes too.

Where this book’s greatest strength lies is in making everything super easy, and motivating. It’s a fine choice for being up-and-running quickly and easily without wading through the 300-odd pages of science in her previous book.

Bottom line: if you’ve already happily and sustainably implemented everything from her previous book, you can probably skip this one. However, if you’d like an easier method to implement the changes that have the biggest effect, then this is the book for you.

Click here to check out The Glucose Goddess Method, and build it into your life the easy way!

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