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New Science reveals essential strategies for ADHD in a quick 1-minute book review.

ADHD 2.0: New Science and Essential Strategies for Thriving with Distraction – by Dr. Edward Hallowell & Dr. John Ratey

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A lot of ADHD literature is based on the assumption that the reader is a 30-something parent of a child with ADHD. This book, on the other hand, addresses all ages, and includes just as readily the likelihood that the person with ADHD is the reader, and/or the reader’s partner.

The authors cover such topics as:

  • ADHD mythbusting, before moving on to…
  • The problems of ADHD, and the benefits that those exact same traits can bring too
  • How to leverage those traits to get fewer of the problems and more of the benefits
  • The role of diet beyond the obvious, including supplementation
  • The role of specific exercises (especially HIIT, and balance exercises) in benefiting the ADHD brain
  • The role of medications—and arguments for and gainst such

The writing style is… Thematic, let’s say. The authors have ADHD and it shows. So, expect comprehensive deep-dives from whenever their hyperfocus mode kicked in, and expect no stones left unturned. That said, it is very readable, and well-indexed too, for ease of finding specific sub-topics.

Bottom line: if you are already very familiar with ADHD, you may not learn much, and might reasonably skip this one. However, if you’re new to the topic, this book is a great—and practical—primer.

Click here to check out ADHD 2.0, and make things better!

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