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Dr. David Linden's "Compass of Pleasure" is a 1-minute book review that delves into the fascinating workings of our brains when it comes to finding pleasure.

The Compass of Pleasure – by Dr. David Linden

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There are a lot of books about addiction, so what sets this one apart?

Mostly, it’s that this one maintains that addiction is neither good nor bad per se—just, some behaviors and circumstances are. Behaviors and circumstances caused, directly or indirectly, by addiction.

But, Dr. Linden argues, not every addiction has to be so. Especially behavioral addictions; the rush of dopamine one gets from a good session at the gym or learning a new language, that’s not a bad thing, even if they can fundamentally be addictions too.

Similarly, we wouldn’t be here as a species without some things that rely on some of the same biochemistry as addictions; orgasms and eating food, for example. Yet, those very same urges can also inconvenience us, and in the case of foods and other substances, can harm our health.

In this book, the case is made for shifting our addictive tendencies to healthier addictions, and enough information is given to help us do so.

Bottom line: if you’d like to understand what is going on when you get waylaid by some temptation, and how to be tempted to better things, this book can give the understanding to do just that.

Click here to check out The Compass of Pleasure, and make yours work in your favor!

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