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Unwell Women is a thought-provoking book that critically examines the prevailing myth surrounding the misdiagnosis of various health issues in women.

Unwell Women: Misdiagnosis and Myth in a Man-Made World – by Dr. Elinor Cleghorn

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For a demographic that makes up a little over half of the world’s population, women are paradoxically marginalized in healthcare. And in other ways too, but this book is about health.

Dr. Cleghorn had to fight for seven (!) years to get her own lupus condition recognized as such, and continues to have to fight for it to be taken seriously on an ongoing basis. And yet, 95% of the book is not about her and her experiences, but rather, the bigger picture.

The book is divided into sections, by period in history. From Hippocrates to the modern day, Dr. Cleghorn gives us a well-researched, incredibly well-referenced overview of the marginalization of women’s health. Far from being a dry history book in the early parts though, it’s fascinating and engaging throughout.

The modern day sections are part shining a light into dark areas, part practical information-and-advice “did you know this happens, and you can do this about it”, and part emphatic call-to-action to demand better.

Bottom line: this book is in this reviewer’s “top 5 books read this year”, and we highly recommend it to you.

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