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1 minute Surviving rice book review.

Surviving with Beans And Rice – by Eliza Whool

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If you’d like to be well-set the next time a crisis shuts down supply lines, this is one of those books you’ll want to have read.

Superficially, “have in a large quantity of dried beans and rice” is good advice, but obvious. Why a book?

Whool gives a lot of advice on keeping your nutrition balanced while subsisting on the same quite few ingredients, which is handy.

More than that, she offers 100 recipes using the ingredients that will be in your long-term pantry. That’s over three months without repeating a meal! And if you don’t think rice and beans can be tasty and exciting and varied, then most of the chefs of the Global South might want to have a word about that.

Anyway, we’re not here to sell you rice and beans (we’re just enthusiastic and correct). What we are here to do is to give you a fair overview of this book.

The recipes are just-the-recipes, very simple clear instructions, one two-page spread per recipe. Most of the book is devoted to these. As a quick note, it does cover making things gluten-free if necessary, and other similar adjustments for medical reasons.

The planning-and-storage section of the book is helpful too though, especially as it covers common mistakes to avoid.

Bottom line: this is a great book, and remember what we said about doing the things now that future you will thank you for!

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