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Find happiness in one minute with this book review that explores habits for a happier life.

How to Find Happiness In Yourself: 25 Habits Guaranteed to Help You Live a Happier Life – by Michelle Mann

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A lot of books about happiness tell you what to pursue, generally. What things to focus on, and that’s good, but incomplete. This book does cover those things too (complete with academic sources to back up what really works), but also goes further:

Michelle Mann gives 25 key habits that will cumulatively build happiness, which is what it’s really about. After all:

  • If you watch your favourite movie, you’ll be happy for 90 minutes (or 9 hours if it’s The Lord of the Rings).
  • If you build daily habits that add happiness to you, your surroundings, and those around you, you’ll be happy for life.

They do also cover happiness while going through difficult times, such as divorce, job loss, illness, or bereavement.

Sometimes, knowing what we “should” do in theory is the easy part. Where Mann excels here is in providing explanations of each habit. This means that rather than it being some platitude, the principles underlying it are truly understood… and thus motivate us to actually apply the advice and build the habits into our life.

While the explanations are therefore the greatest value of the book, we do recommend copying out the 25 habits (which are effectively subchapter headings) and putting them somewhere to read often.

Bottom line: we recommend getting yourself (and/or your loved ones!) a copy of this book. You (and/or they) will be happy you did!

Order “How to Find Happiness In Yourself: 25 Habits Guaranteed to Help You Live a Happier Life” on Amazon today!

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