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An illustrated image with the text "This or That?" above two bowls. The left bowl contains an assortment of grains like buckwheat and rice, while the right bowl contains lentils. A "VS" symbol is placed between the two bowls, indicating a comparison to see which option might be healthier.

Rice vs Buckwheat – Which is Healthier?

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Our Verdict

When comparing rice to buckwheat, we picked the buckwheat.


It’s a simple one today:

  • The vitamin and mineral profiles are very similar, so neither of these are a swaying factor
  • In terms of macros, rice is higher in carbohydrates while buckwheat is higher in fiber
  • Buckwheat also has more protein, but not by much
  • Buckwheat has the lower glycemic index, and a lower insulin index, too

While buckwheat cannot always be reasonably used as a substitute for rice (often because the texture would not work the same), in many cases it can be.

And if you love rice, well, so do we, but variety is also the spice of life indeed, not to mention important for good health. You know that whole “eat 30 different plants per week” thing? Grains count in that tally! So substituting buckwheat in place of rice sometimes seems like a very good bet.

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