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Book Review: Surviving Prostate Cancer - A Guide by Dr. Patrick Walsh

Dr. Patrick Walsh’s Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer – by Dr. Patrick Walsh & Janet Farrar Worthington

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Prostate cancer is not glamorous or fun, and neither is this book.

Nevertheless, it’s a disease that affects 12% of men in general, and 60% of men aged 60+, with that percentage climbing every year after that.

So, if you have a prostate or love someone who has one, this book is worthwhile reading—yes, even as a preventative.

Like many cancers, prostate cancer is easy to treat if caught very early, becomes harder to treat as it goes, and almost impossible to cure if it gets as far as metastasis (i.e., it spread). Like all cancers, it’s better off avoided entirely if possible.

This book covers all the stages:

  • How to avoid it
  • How to check for it
  • How to “nip it in the bud”
  • Why some might want to delay treatment (!)
  • What options are available afterwards

This latter is quite extensive, and covers not just surgery, but radiation, thermo- or cryoablation, and hormone therapy.

And as for surgery, not just “remove the tumor”, but other options like radical prostatectomy, and even orchiectomy. Not many men will choose to have their testicles removed to stop them from feeding the prostate, but the point is that this book is comprehensive.

It’s asking whenever possible “is there another option?” and exploring all options, with information and without judgment, at each stage.

The writing style (likely co-author Worthington’s influence; she is an award-winning science-writer) is very “for the layman”, and that’s really helpful in demystifying a lot of what can be quite opaque in the field of oncology.

Bottom line: absolutely not an enjoyable read, but a potentially lifesaving one, especially given the odds we mentioned up top.

Click here to check out Dr. Patrick Walsh’s Guide To Surviving Prostate Cancer, and be prepared!

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