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Farm fish vs wild catch - a comparison of blood pressure levels between farmed fish and their wild counterparts.

Farmed Fish vs Wild

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❝Is it good to eat farm raised fish?❞

We’ll answer this as a purely health-related question (and thus not considering economy, ecology, ethics, or taste).

It’s certainly not as good as wild-caught fish, for several reasons, some more serious than others:

Farmed fish can have quite a different nutritional profile to wild-caught fish, and also contain more contaminants, including heavy metals.

For example, farmed fish tend to have much higher fat content for the same amount of protein, but lower levels of minerals and other nutrients. Here are two side-by-side:

Wild-caught salmon | Farmed salmon

See also:

Quantitative analysis of the benefits and risks of consuming farmed and wild salmon

Additionally, because fish in fish farms tend to be very susceptible to diseases (because of the artificially cramped and overcrowded environment), fish farms tend to make heavy use of antibiotics, which can cause all sorts of problems down the line:

Extended antibiotic treatment in salmon farms select multiresistant gut bacteria with a high prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes

So definitely, “let the buyer beware”!

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