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Is ADHD over-diagnosed for cash?

Is ADHD Being Over-Diagnosed For Cash?

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Is ADHD Being Systematically Overdiagnosed?

The BBC’s investigative “Panorama” program all so recently did a documentary in which one of their journalists—who does not have ADHD—went to three private clinics and got an ADHD diagnosis from each of them:

So… Is it really a case of show up, pay up, and get a shiny new diagnosis?

The BBC Panorama producers cherry-picked 3 private providers, and during those clinical assessments, their journalist provided answers that would certainly lead to a diagnosis.

This was contrasted against a three-hour assessment with an NHS psychiatrist—something that rarely happens in the NHS. Which prompts the question…

How did he walk into a 3-hour psychiatrist assessment, when most people have to wait in long waiting lists for a much more cursory appointment first with assorted gatekeepers, before going on another long waiting list, for an also-much-shorter appointment with a psychiatrist?

That would be because the NHS psychiatrist was given advance notification that this was part of an investigation and would be filmed (the private clinics were not gifted the same transparency)

So, maybe just a tad unequal treatment!

In case you’re wondering, here’s what that very NHS psychiatrist had to say on the topic:

Is it really too easy to be diagnosed with ADHD?

(we’ll give you a hint—remember Betteridge’s Law!)

❝Since the documentary aired, I have heard from people concerned that GPs could now be more likely to question legitimate diagnoses.

But as an NHS psychiatrist it is clear to me that the root of this issue is not overdiagnosis.

Instead, we are facing the combined challenges of remedying decades of underdiagnosis and NHS services that were set up when there was little awareness of ADHD.❞

~ Dr. Mike Smith, Psychiatrist

The ADHD foundation, meanwhile, has issued its own response, saying:

❝We are disappointed that BBC Panorama has opted to broadcast a poorly researched, sensationalist piece of television journalism.❞

Click here to read their full statement!

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