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"Inheritance" is a book that explores the fascinating world of genetics and the concept of inheritance. This 1-minute book review delves into the intricate process of how genes are passed down

Inheritance: How Our Genes Change Our Lives, And Our Lives Change Our Genes – by Dr. Sharon Moalem

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We know genes make a big difference to a lot about us, but how much? And, the genes we have, we’re stuck with, right?

Dr. Sharon Moalem shines a bright light into some of the often-shadowier nooks and crannies of our genetics, covering such topics as:

  • How much can (and can’t) be predicted from our parents’ genes—even when it comes to genetic traits that both parents have, and Gregor Mendel himself would (incorrectly) think obvious
  • How even something so seemingly simple and clear as genetic sex, very definitely isn’t
  • How traumatic life events can cause epigenetic changes that will scar us for generations to come
  • How we can use our genetic information to look after our health much better
  • How our life choices can work with, or overcome, the hand we got dealt in terms of genes

The style of the book is conversational, down to how there’s a lot of “I” and “you” in here, and the casual style belies the heavy, sharp, up-to-date science contained within.

Bottom line: if you’d like insight into the weird and wonderful nuances of genetics as found in this real, messy, perfectly chaotic world, this book is an excellent choice.

Click here to check out Inheritance, and learn more about yours!

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