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Food Fix is a comprehensive book review that delves into the intertwined issues of our current food system and the urgent need to save our health. With a focus on SEO-friendly analysis, this review presents an

Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet—One Bite at a Time – by Dr. Mark Hyman

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On a simplistic level, “eat more plants, but ideally not monocrops, and definitely fewer animals” is respectable, ecologically-aware advice that is also consistent with good health. But it is a simplification, and perhaps an oversimplification.

Is there space on a healthy, ecologically sound plate for animal products? Yes, argues Dr. Mark Hyman. It’s a small space, but it’s there.

For example, some kinds of fish are both healthier and more sustainable as a food source than others, same goes for some kinds of dairy products. Poultry, too, can be farmed sustainably in a way that promotes a small self-contained ecosystem—and in terms of health, consumption of poultry appears to be health-neutral at worst.

As this book explores:

  • Oftentimes, food choices look like: healthy/sustainable/cheap (choose one).
  • Dr. Hyman shows how in fact, we can have it more like: healthy/sustainable/cheap (choose two).
  • He argues that if more people “vote with their fork”, production will continue to adjust accordingly, and we’ll get: healthy/sustainable/cheap (all three).

To this end, while some parts of the book can feel like they are purely academic (pertaining less to what we can do as individuals, and more on what governments, farming companies, etc can do), it’s good to know what issues we might also take to the ballot box, if we’re able.

The big picture aside, the book remains very strong even just from an individual health perspective, though.

Bottom line: if you have an interest in preserving your own health, and possibly humanity itself, this is an excellent book.

Click here to check out Food Fix, and level-up yours!

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