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Intermittent Fasting Feast – A Fast 1-minute Review of the Book.

Fast. Feast. Repeat: The Comprehensive Guide to “Delay, Don’t Deny” Intermittent Fasting – by Dr. Gin Stephens

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We’ve reviewed intermittent fasting books before, so what makes this one different?

The title “Fast. Feast. Repeat.” doesn’t give much away; after all, we already know that that’s what intermittent fasting is.

After taking the reader though the basics of how intermittent fasting works and what it does for the body, much of the rest of the book is given over to improvements.

That’s what the real strength of this book is: ways to make intermittent fasting more efficient, including how to avoid plateaus. After all, sometimes it can seem like the only way to push further with intermittent fasting is to restrict the eating window further. Not so!

Instead, Dr. Stephens gives us ways to keep confusing our metabolism (in a good way) if, for example, we had a weight loss goal we haven’t met yet.

Best of all, this comes without actually having to eat less.

Bottom line: if you want to be in good physical health, and/but also believe that life is for living and you enjoy eating food, then this book can resolve that age-old dilemma!

Click here to check out Fast. Feast. Repeat., and supercharge your health without sacrificing happiness!

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