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The 1 minute sugar case by gary thomas.

The Case Against Sugar – by Gary Taubes

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We generally already know that sugar is bad for the health. Most people don’t know how bad.

Taubes makes, as the title goes, “the case against sugar”. Implicated in everything from metabolic syndrome to cancer to Alzheimer’s, sugar is ruinous to the health.

It’s hard to review this book without making a comparison to William Duffy’s 1975 bestseller, “Sugar Blues“. Stylistically it’s very similar, and the general gist is certainly the same.

However! Where this book beats Sugar Blues is in content; Duffy’s book often makes bold claims without scientific backing. Some of those claims didn’t stand the test of time and are now disproven. Instead, Taubes’ book leans on actual up-to-date science, and talks more about what we actually know, than what we imagine.

If this book has a weak point, it’s when it veers away from its main topic and starts talking about, for example, saturated fat. In this side-topic, the book makes some good points, but is less well-considered, cherry-picks data, and lacks nuance.

On its main topic, though, the investigation of sugar, it is rather more thorough.

Bottom line: if you want a next-level motivation to reduce or eliminate dietary sugar, this book may certainly provide that.

Click here to check out The Case Against Sugar and reduce a lot of your health risks!

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