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Elizabeth Ricker provides a concise and insightful review of the "Smarter tomorrow" book in just 1 minute.

Smarter Tomorrow – by Elizabeth Ricker

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Based heavily in hard science, with more than 450 citations in over 300 pages, the exhortation is not just “trust me, lol”.

Instead, she encourages the reader to experiment. Not like “try this and see if it works”, but “here’s how to try this, using scientific method with good controls and good record-keeping”.

The book is divided into sections, each with a projection of time required at the start and a summary at the end. The reading style is easy-reading throughout, without sacrificing substance.

It proposes seven key interventions. If just one works for you, it’ll be worth having bought and read the book. More likely most if not all will… Because that’s how science works.

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