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Avocado oil vs olive oil: which is healthier?

Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil – Which is Healthier?

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Our Verdict

When comparing avocado oil to olive oil, we picked the olive oil.


We’ll be honest, we were going to do “avocados vs olives”, but they are both so healthy and contain so many good nutrients, that it was impossible to call it (we recommend enjoying both!).

However, when they are made into oils, there’s an important distinguishing factor:

Olive oil usually retains a lot of the micronutrients from the olives (including vitamins E and K), whereas no measurable micronutrients usually remain in avocado oil.

So while both olive oil and avocado oil have a similar (excellent; very heart-healthy!) lipids profile, the olive oil has some bonuses that the avocado oil doesn’t.

We haven’t written about the nutritional profiles of either avocados or olives yet, but here’s what we had to say on the different kinds of olive oil available:

Is “Extra Virgin” Worth It?

And here’s an example of a good one on Amazon, for your convenience 😎

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