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52 Weeks to Better Mental Health: A Guided Workbook for Self-Exploration and Growth – by Dr. Tina Tessina

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We’ve written before about the health benefits of journaling, but how to get started, and how to make it a habit, and what even to write about?

Dr. Tessina presents a year’s worth of journaling prompts with explanations and exercises, and no, they’re not your standard CBT flowchart things, either. Rather, they not only prompt genuine introspection, but also are crafted to be consistently upliftingyes, even if you are usually the most disinclined to such positivity, and approach such exercises with cynicism.

There’s an element of guidance beyond that, too, and as such, this book is as much a therapist-in-a-book as you might find. Of course, no book can ever replace a competent and compatible therapist, but then, competent and compatible therapists are often harder to find and can’t usually be ordered for a few dollars with next-day shipping.

Bottom line: if undertaken with seriousness, this book will be an excellent investment in your mental health and general wellbeing.

Click here to check out 52 Weeks to Better Mental Health, and get on the best path for you!

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