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The Humor Habit – by Paul Osincup

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Ask not for whom the bell tolls… It could be tolling for anyone. Don’t worry about it.It’s probably fine.

More seriously (heh), laughter is good for healthy lifespan, also called healthspan. It eases stress and anxiety, gives our brains neurochemicals they need to function well, and is very pro-social too, which in turn has knock-on positive effects for our own mental health as well as those around us.

This book is a guide to cultivating that humor, finding the funny side in difficult times, and bringing a light-hearted silliness to moments where it helps.

The title suggests it’s about habit-building (and it is!) but it’s also about knowing where to look in your daily life for humorous potential and how to find it, and how to bring that into being in the moment.

The style is that of an instruction manual with a healthy dose of pop-science; first and foremost this is a practical guide, not a several-hundred page exhortation on “find things funny!”, but rather a “hey, psst, here are many sneaky insider tricks for finding the funny“.

Bottom line: this book is not only a very enjoyable read, but also very much the gift that keeps on giving, so treat yourself!

Click here to check out The Humor Habit, and strength your funny-bones!

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