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Hidden Conversation in Mind-Gut Connection - 1 Minute Book ReviewIn this brief book review, we delve into the captivating concept of the mind-gut connection and its profound impact on our

The Mind-Gut Connection – by Dr. Emeran Mayer

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We’ve reviewed books about the mind-gut connection before, so what makes this one stand out?

Firstly, it’s a lot more comprehensive than the usual “please, we’re begging you, eat some fiber”.

And yes, of course that’s part of it. Prebiotics, probiotics, reduce fried and processed foods, reduce sugar/alcohol, reduce meat, and again, eat some greenery.

But where this book really comes into its own is looking more thoroughly at the gut microbiota and their function. Dr. Mayer goes well beyond “there are good and bad bacteria” and looks at the relationship each of them have with the body’s many hormones, and especially neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

He also looks at the two-way connection between brain and gut. Yes, our gut gives us “gut feelings”, but 10% of communication between the brain and gut is in the other direction; he explores what that means for us, too.

Finally, he does give a lot of practical advice, not just dietary but also behavioral, to make the most of our mind-gut connection and make it work for our health, rather than against it.

Bottom line: this is the best book on the brain-gut connection that this reviewer has read so far, and certainly the most useful if you already know about gut-healthy nutrition, and are looking to take your understanding to the next level.

Click here to check out The Mind-Gut Connection, and start making yours work for your benefit!

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