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Illustration of a brain connected to colored pencils on a light gray background. Text on the right reads "Tips for Improving Memory." In the bottom right corner, there is the image of 10 almonds with the number "10" next to it, highlighting how almonds can enhance memory.

Tips for Improving Memory

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Q: Any tips, other than supplements, for improving memory?

A: So many tips! Certainly enough to do a main feature on, so again maybe we’ll do that in another issue soon. Meanwhile, here are the absolute most critical things for you to know, understand, and apply:

  • Memory is a muscle. Not literally, but in the sense that it will grow stronger if exercised and will atrophy if neglected.
  • Counterpart of the above: your memory is not a finite vessel. You can’t “fill it up with useless things”, so no need to fear doing so.
  • Your memory is the product of countless connections in your brain. The more connections lead to a given memory, the more memorable it will be. What use is this knowledge to you? It means that if you want to remember something, try to make as many connections to it as possible, so:
    • Involve as many senses as possible.
    • When you learn things, try to learn them in context. Then when your mind has reason to think about the context, it’ll be more likely to remember the thing itself too.
  • Rehearsal matters. A lot. This means repeatedly going over something in your head. This brings about the neural equivalent of “muscle memory”.
  • Enjoy yourself if you can. The more fun something is, the more you will mentally rehearse it, and the more mental connections you’ll make to it.

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